Our Equipment


Chandel rig mats are designed to the highest standards of quality, and their capacity are easily adaptable to our clients’ requirements. All rig mats have all steel boxed sides, 4-lifting lugs, load rolls and are laminated 2x6 or 6x6 timber.

Matting options:

8' x 20' – Dry weight (up to 3,760 lbs)
8' x 40' – Dry weight (up to 7,255 lbs)

Oak Mats

Oak mats are available in three-ply 8' x 14' plank bolted mats that are ideal for off-road usage, with durability of up to 300 lbs per mat.

Brand new, we are able to haul 32 mats per Super Bee and once used, 28 mats per Super Bee.

  • 8' x 14' 3-ply oak matting
  • Average weight = 3,000 lbs
  • Approximate 28 mats
  • Good for pipeline and access roads, lease coverage and construction.
  • Able to track customer, third party and Chandel mats on large projects without loss of inventory
  • Mats are cost-effectively made of hard wood offering less breakage and chargebacks

Composite Dura-Base®

Composite Dura-Base® mats come in 8' x 14' hollow core and are bolted together to make a continuous road, which will not separate.

These plastic mats weigh approximately 1,500 lbs and can be hauled between 60 to 70 mats per truckload.

Plastic mats can also be used on the backside of rigs when using invert to help control contamination.

  • Average weight = 1,200 lbs/mat
  • Approximate 60 to 70 to a Super Bee load, making the cost of trucking considerably cheaper
  • Pinned together – No separation of mats.
  • Ideal for short term rentals or to stop contamination of site (minimal permeation to top soil)
  • 1 man to 100 man systems +30° C to -40°C