Chandel is an operating division of Ensign, an industry leader in the delivery of drilling and oilfield services worldwide

Ensign is among the world's top land-based drilling and well servicing contractors. We serve crude oil, natural gas and geothermal customers in four continents. Our reputation is built on drilling and well servicing operations, directional drilling, managed pressure drilling, and production flow-back units — and through Chandel, oilfield equipment rental. When you join Chandel, you join the best.

Currently hiring

Chandel is always on the lookout to hire qualified and motivated personnel that thrive in dynamic environments, are team players and share our values. If you or someone you know are a candidate, apply today at

What is Chandel looking for?

  • People who thrive in dynamic environments
  • Team players
  • Share our values - Read "Our Commitment"
  • People looking to build a viable career
If you answered yes to
all of the above